Enabling PowerDNS to existing webserver in DNS Cluster


Feb 3, 2018
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So looking for any advise from the community.

We have a number of WHM servers which are not running any DNS services themselves. They have 3 DNSONLY remote servers in a cluster running PowerDNS.

We need to enable DNSSEC for some customers so will need to enable PowerDNS service on the Webserver itself before we can use DNSSEC.

My question is what are the gotcha's I need to be concerned of?

Can I switch PowerDNS on without it causing any issues with the current cluster?
Will it try and overwrite all the DNS zones already there?
Anything else I haven't thought of?

Of course we will be taking backups before doing anything, but trying to avoid any unexpected issues.

Or if anyone knows of a better way to use DNSSEC without needing to run PowerDNS on the webserver itself, please let me know.


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I would not expect turning this on to cause any issues. Just because the server is part of a cluster doesn't mean that it can't run a local DNS service as well - I would actually bet there are a LOT of servers out there in a cluster running just like that, because admins forget to disable the DNS service after the cluster configuration is complete.

So no, I would not expect any complications to happen.