Horde not listing mailboxes from default account login


Dec 8, 2012
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Same problem as the original poster of this thread:
Horde not listing mailboxes from default account login
....except "Show All Mailboxes" (which solved their problem),
is not visible under Folder Actions.

Any advice?


in the older version of horde, we were able to log in to horde using the default account username and password and it will show you all the email addresses inboxes.

Currently, some of my clients are seeing ONLY the inbox of the default account and nothing more.

See attached.

Is there any way to fix this?

Hello :)

You should be able to select "Folder Actions → Show All Mailboxes" on the left side panel within Horde, and you will see the inboxes of the account's email users.

Thank you.

I have contacted my hosting provider (Hosting Provider 1), and they claim this was a security measure implemented by CPanel.
I have a second hosting provider (Hosting Provider 2) where I don't have this problem.
Hosting Provider 2 is running CPanel 56.0.52 and Horde 5.2.6 which are still working as expected,
and "Show All Mailboxes" is clearly visible in the Folder Actions menu, and works great.
Hosting Provider 1 is running CPanel 74 and Horde 5.2.14 which is what I'm having the problem with, and "Show All Mailboxes" is not available as an option in the Folder Actions menu.
I have been through all the release notes and change logs between CPanel 56 and 74,
and Horde 5.2.6 and 5.2.14,
and cannot see any changes that may affect this, or validate hosting provider 1's claim that it was a deliberate CPanel security change.
The only change I've been able to find that sounds relevant is:
Implemented case CPANEL-12164: Hide subaccount inboxes in default email account mailbox list.
....in the CPanel 64 change log.
However, this doesn't sound like the problem - it only mentions hiding, and not removing access.
So is there something Hosting Provider 1 can do to allow my main webmail login to be able to view all webmail on the server, as it did before, and still does with Hosting Provider 2?

Grateful for any advice you can provide.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @ajmetz,

It's likely that your web hosting provider is using the mdbox mailbox format. Here's the relevant section of the Mailbox Conversion document as it pertains to the issue you described:

Unlike the maildir format, the mdbox format does not support symlinks.
  • For example, when a cPanel account owner uses Webmail on an account that uses the maildir format, the system displays every mailbox of the account's email users. However, on a cPanel account that uses the mdbox format, the system only displays the cPanel account's mailbox. The system does not display the mailboxes of the cPanel account's other email users.
You'd need to ask your web hosting provider to convert your cPanel account back to the Maildir format in order to have the functionality you desire.

Thank you.