how does awstats execution get scheduled?


Apr 27, 2010
I need some help understanding how cpanel schedules awstats to run? I have not been able to locate a cron job that executes the /scripts/runweblogs accountname. The user doesn't have shell access and no crontab for task to be scheduled.

The problem we are experiencing is that a clients stats show no client hits between some 3 hr period in the middle of the night. usually between 3 and 6 am. This morning I manually ran an update from the awstats page and the number of page hits jumped from 0 to more than 5 - 9 between 3am and 6am. This tells me that users are accessing the site but for some reason awstats is not catching the details between these hours.

In Tweak Settings the following settings are enabled.

Number of hours between process bandwidth usage 12hr
Number of hours between process log files 24
Delete each domain's access logs after stats run enabled
Chmod value for raw apache log files 0640
Threshold in megabytes above which cpanellogd will rotate log files configured for log rotation 300
Stats Log Level 1

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Apr 7, 2006
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According to the configuration you posted, AWstats will process each domain/account once every 24 hours. This is based upon you statement:

Number of hours between process log files 24