"Last visitors" showing hits from other domains/accounts


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May 3, 2005
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My 'Search Fu' is either broken, or no one else has ever posted this issue in the forums. I personally have/use 4 domains/user accounts on the server. Lately I've been noticing that hits to user A's site are showing up in the "last visitors" listing of user B, and so forth. Not *all* hits by any means, just random ones here and there, maybe one out of 20-30.

At first I thought maybe I had forgotten to change a link, etc...but everything has been double checked (even triple checked), and the "last visitors" is indeed showing activity from another account. The fact I own the accounts in question is the only way I would have noticed this.

I'm just starting to do testing on this to gather more information, as it's not been a high priority issue, but if anyone can suggest where to start looking or what could possibly be the issue, I'd appreciate it.

I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting or if this is a quota problem, a problem with the "last visitors" script, stats, or ? I've been having an odd problem with syslog (services which are running fine are showing as stopped and/or not running...yet this only happens with a few services, not all) and I wonder if the two are related.
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