May 25, 2023
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I have my cPanel / WHM installation on one primary domain, mainly to host my friend’s Wordpress site. Now that has moved elsewhere, but the site was so fractured that I had to make all sorts of tweaks to the setup to get it working.

I would really like to start from scratch.

I took a snapshot of the VM when I installed cPanel / WHM and would like to create a boot disk from that. Am I likely to experience problems doing that? When I created the image, I was within the trial period.

But when I bought the licence, I didn’t perform any steps at all on my VM, so I’m imagining all the config is remote.

Also I would like to change the primary domain.

Is it just a case of creating a boot disk from the snapshot or is there something else I have to do?

(the IP will remain the same)
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I can't comment on creating the boot disk portion of your question as that is outside the scope of the cPanel software. However, creating images of active systems is common - you'll just want to ensure you have an active cPanel license on the new IP once the system is up and running. Once that is done, you can run this command to force a license update on the server:

as that will manually sync your system with our license servers.