Seeking recommendations for a good log file analyser for WHM servers


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Mar 25, 2002
So many log files, so little time! o_O

There's so much great information stored in log files, brilliant for troubleshooting server and website errors, problems, etc.

But if (like me) you're not working with log files frequently, it can be easy to forget which logs files exist, where they are, how best to search them for best results, etc.

Which is where a really good log file analyzer software comes in.

SaaS solutions like New Relic or Dynatrace come to mind, but can get expensive pretty quickly with lots of busy/large files to analyse.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any cheeky, simple, free or low cost, open source or not, solutions to recommend for this purpose?

Sure, a SaaS solution is handy so that others can login and use the same thing. But equally I'm totally fine with, say, an app I can run here on my Windows PC, connecting via SSH.

Even better would be solution that is optimised, or has a preset, for cPanel/WHM log files, so that I don't have to add them all manually.
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