Spam and a account I don't use


Feb 27, 2004
Spam and an account I don't use

A filter has been added that sends all mail header_to: that is [email protected] Discard

This seems to work for my problem below, can some of you confirm it is my answer to the problem?

UPDATE: it did not work, just got a new load of spam. help?????

Original post here:

i have all set up as a subdomain but I do not want to use [email protected] as an email, it is infested with spam, about 1 a minute. It seems that even though my email browsers are not set to check for messages at [email protected], they come in as an attachment to our main hosting address. our main hosting address is [email protected] (notice the subdomain is .net and the domain is .com.

I have deleted the email address from cpanel, I even deleted the account from my email software, but it comes to the default address i have set up in Cpanel.

I would like to do the following:

Have all mail sent to [email protected] to be auto deleted or bounced back out, preferably bounced back I guess.

I really liked this email address but somehow it is over infested with spam. :mad:

Thanks in advance, Rick
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